PowerShell Saturday Chattanooga

This past weekend (August 10-11) I had the wonderful privileged of being an organizer for the 1st Annual PowerShell Saturday in Chattanooga, TN. Our event was hosted at Chattanooga State Community College, the facilities and staff there were amazing. The planning process took a little over 10 months from the time we decided we wanted to host a conference to the time the 1st attendee walked though the door. We are very thankful for the DevOps Collective PowerShell Saturday Booster Pack as well. This was an amazing starting point for us and they helped us through out the process. If you are interested in running your own PowerShell Saturday event you should check it out.

We hosted 65 attendees from 14 states for the 2 day event. Our event started Friday morning bright and early with a 6 hour PowerShell Automation Workshop presented by Jeff Hicks. When we first started the planning of the event we thought we would have 10-15 people at the per-conference not 60 people (Apparently we under estimated the awesomeness that is PowerShell).

Saturday was the actual conference. 15 Sessions, 5 hours, 3 classrooms. A full list of the classes can be found here

We were lucky enough to have some of the best presenters that you could ask for. These find gentleman made the conference a success.
Jeff Hicks
Robert Cain
Wesley Kirkland
David Littlejohn
Stephen Owen
James Petty
Mick Pletcher
Mike F Robbins
Max Trinidad
Tim Warner
Jon Warnken

If you attended PowerShell Saturday we would love your feedback. We sent out a Survey Monkey link on 8-15. Please help us out by answering the 10 question survey.

We hope you will considering joining us at PowerShell on the River – August 2019 in Chattanooga TN. Details coming soon.